LOW is a full-service independent creative agency. We deliver inspiring, memorable design and identity across a range of platforms within fashion, lifestyle and beauty, and we believe that strong brand voices and engaging storytelling come from personal and direct client contact.

Collaboration and honesty is at the heart of what we do, anchored in our close-knit team of kindred spirits who each have fifteen to twenty years of experience. Our roots are firmly planted in the Nordic aesthetic, but our work extends far beyond the Scandinavian borders. We believe in a creative agency where there’s room for exploring big ideas and grand gestures, without any pretension.

Among the services offered are development of creative ideas for offline and online, strategy, art direction, graphic design, casting/art-buying and production.

LOW STUDIOS also publish FAT Magazine, a dynamic, experimental and uncompromising magazine that focuses on fashion, art and typography. Featuring internationally acclaimed contributors and visionaries, it tackles the fashion landscape with quirky angles, wit and intelligence.

Kronprinsensgade 13
DK-1114 Copenhagen, Denmark


PHONE +45 26 716 956
CVR. 36469323